When we first started in this business, Festoon, Austrian and London blinds were our most favoured product, but over the years designs have become more pared-down, making the Roman blind our most popular today.

We make over 240 Roman blinds a year and have perfected the art of both standard and waterfall styles, adding trimmings and contrasts when specified.
Combine your blind with a pelmet to dress your window with even more style.


Blinds may look like a simple piece of fabric when finished, but over eight metres of hand-stitching goes into making a one metre-squared Roman blind alone!

We were one of the first blind makers to develop a metal eyelet system that replaces the out-of-date ring method. Although it is a more labour-intensive process, it creates beautifully accurate blinds, with even stacking folds and is well worth the extra effort.


Our attentive service ensures clients make the right decision about positioning their blind, whether inside or outside the window reveal. Our in-house production means that all blinds are made under our watchful eyes, ensuring precision pattern-matching and sizing.
We offer a full measuring and fitting service, but are initially happy to estimate all projects using your measurements.