The Pippa Rolls Curtain manufacturing process


A note about our finishing . . .
We have been making bespoke curtains for private clients, interior designers, architects and design houses for over 28 years. We pride ourselves on producing beautifully executed, handmade curtains that fulfil the client's brief, whatever the style chosen.

We are adept at handling the most demanding of fabrics, from fine silk voiles to heavy velvets. We specialise in joining intricately patterned fabrics and making up curtains with contrast borders along the vertical and horizontal edges, as well as adding all varieties of trimmings.

It is true that exquisite fabrics look sensational when made up into curtains but we believe that a beautifully executed curtain can even make sack-cloth look chic. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on the fabric to get the bespoke, hand-finished look.

A note about our workroom materials . . .
We don’t cut corners and we avoid time-saving, economy-driven short-cuts. We have been making curtains long enough to know that the cheap option often ends up being the more expensive one in the long run.

Our curtains are all supplied with penny-weighted hems and we use a superior quality, fusible buckram for our hand-pleated headings. When we use a pencil pleat tape for our stand-ups, we only supply ones with woven pockets, so there is none of that saggy-baggy pocket stretch that you get on inferior products. When you order from us we even go as far as to supply your curtains with the pin hooks or metal curtain hooks, so you have everything you need to hand to get them up the minute you open the box.

A note about linings and interlinings . . .
All our curtains are supplied with lining. We recommend using either our premium ivory standard lining or the premium ivory blackout lining, both of which are close in colour so can be used at different windows in the same house without looking odd from the outside. We would also suggest you opt for interlining your curtains too. Not only does our interlining add practical thermal qualities and helps protect the face of the cloth from sun damage, it also makes them hang beautifully and adds a level of luxury to the folds – and who doesn't love a bit of added luxury in their life?

A note about overlaps and returns . . .
We will always make your curtains with overlaps and return ends. What makes ours different is that, within reason, we can make your curtains to suit any pole or track that you have measured them for.

These are the flat parts that lie over each other when your curtains are closed and meet in the middle of your pole or track. Our standard measurement is 7cm, but if you are using a corded track you may want them to be as large as 10cm so that the curtain covers the metal slider.

These are the flat part of the curtain that returns to the wall at the end of your track or pole. When properly fitted returns can look the business, so it is worth taking the time to double-check your measurements. We can make these any size up to 12cm long. Returns will only work if you are under-slinging your curtains from the pole. (See our measuring guide for details about how to measure for under-slung curtains.)

A note about headings . . .
All of the options we offer are synonymous with a hand-finished product. On every curtain fabric page there is an easy visual guide to the style of headings we offer, but here is a little extra info and some time-tested advice about which options you can consider for which application.

These are available as Goblet, Cartridge, Double or Triple Pleat headings. We use a medium sized 13cm, fusible buckram to make sure these are stiffened to perfection. Hand-pleated headings look elegant and classic. The Triple and Goblet Pleat headings give a fuller look to the curtain than the slightly more contemporary Cartridge & Double Pleat heading option. Choose these for the social areas of your house or for bedrooms where you want to impress with a classic look.

These are a great choice for those looking for a more informal look. The Stand-up is a personal favourite of ours for bedrooms as the extra fabric top above the gathered tape sits higher up the pole and therefore blocks out the light on those rare mornings you might get to lie-in.

A note about measurements . . .
Please note that we only work in centimetres. Although we ship to all corners of the globe, we only accept measurements in centimetres. We're not being difficult - but our workroom is set up that way!

And just to let you know, we will not manufacture any product where the measurements entered above fall outside the measurement parameters selected on the dropdown menus on the fabric pages. Therefore, please double-check that the exact measurements you have given on the pop-up form are correct and within those previously chosen parameters. If an order is submitted that does not conform to this requirement, we will contact you and, if necessary, refund your money, but you will be charged a returns processing fee.